Here you can find all the WORKSHOP MATERIAL, included PRESENTED PAPERS (PDF)
9:00 AM Introduction
9:10 AM
What are they? [chair: Nadia Mana]
9:15 AM

Paper presentations (15min + 5min for Q/A):

Do Animations in Enhanced eBooks for Children Favour the Reading Comprehension Process? A Pilot Study. N.Dalla Longa and O. Mich
- HacKIDemia - The Story Tree.  S. Druga and I. Opris

9:55 AM

Experimental session

- Individual/Group Experimental Session on a eBook
- Group Discussion on Strenghts and Weaknesses

10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM
How do we build them?  [chair: Allison Druin]
11:05 AM

Paper presentations (15min + 5min for Q/A)

- Bilingual Storybook App Designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Based on Research Principles. M. Malzkuhn and M. Herzig
Creating Social Books. H. Armen and L.  Atwood
- Using Demibooks Composer to Create Remedial Learning Apps for the Profoundly Deaf. K. Hart and R. Ahmed

12:00 PM

Experimental session

- Authoring tools: a brief review

 12:15 PM

- Hands-on Demibooks Composer. R. Ahmed and K. Hart

13:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM
 How do we evaluate them? [chair: Antonella De Angeli]
2:05 PM

Paper presentation (15min + 5min for Q/A)

An approach to the evaluation of eBooks from a User Experience perspective. L. Colombo

2:25 PM

Experimental session

-Structured evaluation of a couple of eBooks

3.05 PM

Food for thought

- Facilitating Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K Learning with Interactive e-books. Jordan Lippman (NamrGames LLC and University of Pittsburgh)

3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM
Workshop Summary
5:00 PM Closure